26 Jan 2014 Thousands of resources from STEM
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STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

” The National STEM Centre houses the UK’s largest collection of STEM teaching and learning resources, in order to provide teachers of STEM subjects with the ability to access a wide range of high-quality support materials.”

With over 7,000 individual teaching resources, the eLibrary includes contemporary print, multimedia, and practical resources, alongside an massive archive collection. There exists an extensive range of resources from quizzes to fact-sheets to lesson plans to videos and flash animations.


07 Dec 2013 Scigallery.org provides images for teaching and learning
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Here is a useful resource  area  for teachers and students…


07 Dec 2013 Webucate.org offers resources for teaching and learning
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Here is a very useful area for resources for teaching and learning…


07 Dec 2013 Cool webtools for schools
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Here is a great resource area for a range of webtools for schools…..  Cool tools for Schools

This website provides a comprehensive listing of online resources for educators to download and use in a wide range of applications.. Cool tools for Schools

07 Dec 2013 Mind Mapping Software
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Mind mapping software is used to create diagrams of relationships between ideas or other pieces of information. A concept map is a special form of a web diagram for exploring knowledge and gathering and sharing information.

Concept and Mind Mapping Software

  • Compendium is a knowledge and concept mapping tool.
  •  CmapTools
  • VUE concept mapping tool to organize, visualize, and present ideas.
  • XMIND is a concept mapping tool, and a mind mapping tool, Mind mapping
  • FreeMind is a mind mapping application written in Java
  • SciPlore MindMapping is a mind mapping application written in Java
    XMIND is a concept mapping tool, and a mind mapping tool,
07 Dec 2013 Edudemic keeps you updated…
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Edudemic is a  superb resource  to keep you up to date with the latest ideas, developments and to provide inspiration for using technology to enrich and enhance teaching and learning:

About Edudemic:

“Social media is making a big impact o­n education. The threading of new technology with old standards has created new and exciting opportunities for teachers, school administrators, and students. What is the best way to improve education using social media?

That’s the big question that Edudemic hopes to answer. You’ll find regular doses of helpful ideas, infographics, news, videos, and more when you visit Edudemic.

Do you ever wonder how schools, universities, colleges, and large groups in general should use social media?

Students are often early adopters, frequent users, and overall lovers of technology and social media. Edudemic is run by a few graduate students and teachers with a passion for learning and educating

07 Dec 2013 APP Science Resources
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APP in Science (Badger Pub)

APP TES Connect

APP Prog Trees TES

North Yorkshire LNet

Reducing bureaucracy in schools

07 Dec 2013 Superb Science Animations
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Here is a set of superb Science Animations.

Play them online, or download them to your laptop/computer. You can even download the whole website.  Instructions provided!



07 Dec 2013 Sound and Light Animations
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Here are some very useful animations for Light and Sound

The sound animation set contains a virtual oscilloscope !

Science of Light Animations

Science of Sound Animations

You can also download a free virtual signal generator from


Also, you can download a free 21 day trial of a combined virtual oscilloscope and signal generator from  http://www.virtins.com/

02 Apr 2012 Interactive Science (KS3)
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Useful Resources for Interactive KS3 Science



Science Games :